Wednesday 16 March 2016

Hookland Hootenanny

Had such a lovely day yesterday.

My questions about Hookland finally started to get out of control, so arranged to have a Skype chat with David to fill in the blanks. 

What was going to be a quick Q&A turned into a four hour discussion on folklore! So enjoyable.

You can follow along with Hookland at @HooklandGuide and David at @cultauthor

Also, every Thursday, Twitter goes wild for #FolkloreThursday/@FolkloreThurs

I think David's writing something for their website. You can also catch him at the Spirits of Place Symposium in Liverpool next month. If you get the chance, go - he's endlessly fascinating on all things mythological. 

Hookland is starting to feel like something really special. I know there are other authors and artists starting to develop projects around it. It feels like a centre point for creative collaboration.

There's an anthology in the pipeline. Once Creeper's Cottage hits 20,000 I think I'm going to step back for a week to see whether I can develop something suitable for that and catch up on a couple of blog articles I owe.

In the meantime, you can keep up to date with Creeper's progress via this tab.

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