Saturday 31 December 2022

Oath, Boast, Toast 2022


Hi guys, please don't be too annoyed with me, but as I've neglected my blog in favour of YouTube this year, I decided to do my oath, boast and toast on YouTube as well. I'm not proud of myself. I hope to find a better written/recorded balance in the New Year.

In brief:


I'm making two:

1. To complete a creative project this year (either the audiobook of Children of Lir or my Sargon manuscript).

2. To go visit friends in Europe - a long overdue ambition.



I learned to ride a moped! So damn proud of that.



To my friends Harris and Rob who are coming to visit in the New Year!


Monday 19 December 2022

Musical Interlude: IV League Jazz

Hanging out with my friend Pacis and his jazz band
IV League in Kigali. 

Thursday 8 December 2022

Google Translate v. Rwandan Folklore

I just discovered that the Google Translate app can read straight from the page, so I put it to the test on my favourite Kinyarwanda fairy tale, the story of the warrior Maguru and the shapeshifter Insibika.

Thursday 1 December 2022

Disfluency, like.

Oh, phew! Ever since starting YouTube, I've realised I use 'you know' fairly constantly (I get it from my mum). I've also noticed that, when speaking on delicate topics where I'm afraid of offending people, I become much more disfluent than when talking about a technical topic. Nice to know this is normal and a sign of conscientious speech.