Thursday, 24 March 2016


I wasn't kidding about that science fiction film set in Ethiopia. There's a really nice article about it here: Miguel Llansó On Directing Ethiopia’s Post-Apocalyptic Sci-fi Film, ‘Crumbs

When I came [to Africa] for the first time, I only knew about runners and about famine. So I was really upset with this image because I knew that something different should happen there, no? And I wanted to discover it because I have this spirit of adventure. I wanted to discover what was going on there and I discovered nice music like Alemayehu Eshete Mahmoud, all the music from the sixties. And also, I started discovering landscapes and the people. I started to discover that the people, everywhere in the world, have to dream a little bit. So you’re not only going to portray what you see. You are going to make the people, and yourself, dream. Sometimes people ask, “If you go to Africa, don’t you have to portray what you see?” No, you can also dream, you can also play with the reality.

I'm going to start tweeting @rwandaff and @RwandaFilmFest to see if we can get it at Rwanda Film Fest (Hillywood) this year. I would love to see it.

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