Friday 18 March 2016

Creepy 20

Stepping back for a bit.

Creeper's Cottage seemed like such a straightforward concept when I started out. It's not just the Hookland details that have been burning my grey cells, it's a whole heap of stuff. Polish swear words were just the tip of the iceberg. A building relocation project seemed like a good idea, but then I realised I'd never built anything in my life.

I've been face-first into a report from the Black County Museum titled A Pit-pulled Cottage from Gornalwood, all about the real life relocation of one of their exhibits. I've had to research types of mortar, brick and solvents, alongside caravan models, electric generators and antique teddy bears.

Today has mostly been devoted to 3D laser imaging equipment. Thanks ever so much to Mark Russell at FARO, for patiently answering questions. It's amazing how many minutes of YouTube video you need to watch and re-watch just to get one paragraph of convincing text.

I need a break.

I have a blog post promised to someone, and I'd like to see whether I can approach Hookland from a different angle. There's a funerary theme in the Hookland Writers' Bible that I'd like to explore. I'm not sure if it'll be fit for the anthology, but I won't know until I write it. Even if it falls short, there'll be space for it in the wider Hookland mythos. 

I think it'd do me good to take a crack at a short story. 

Come back refreshed to this one.

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