Tuesday 29 October 2013

Love, Light & Laos

The Last Farewell

Oooh, bit of a lump in my throat. 

In the early hours of tomorrow morning, my two beautiful friends, Martine & RuairĂ­, are flying off to start their new life in Laos.

We all met in Rwanda about six years ago. I dedicated my debut novel, Angorichina, to Martine. As the dedication reads: without her, much of what I write would never get written. She is my Beta Reader, a trusted position for any author, spurring me on to finish each novel and providing supportive yet honest insight.

It just so happened that she married the lovely Mr. Ă“ HEithir earlier this year (I know, I was there), a former deputy head and a rigorously qualified proofreader. What writer doesn't need one of those?

These are two people I have shared some of the most intense, insane and hilarious experiences of my life with. It's really strange to think I won't be able to hop in my car and head up to Edinburgh, or pop across to Dublin to see them anymore.

On the other hand, I'm very much looking forward to Laos!

Wishing them a safe journey, and all the luck and love they can carry for their new life. For once I am a little lost for words, but with friendships like this distance doesn't matter.

Turikumwe x

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