Saturday 12 October 2013

CheltLitFest 2013: Barclay & Rankin

Linwood Barclay
How fast it comes around!

Cheltenham Literature Festival time again, although not such an inspiring line-up this year as most of the big names like Lionel Shriver, Victoria Hislop and Sabastian Faulks we've already seen in previous years.

Still, we had a lovely evening with a meal at Cheltenham's best Italian, Gianni. It's an institution. Delicious smoked Salmon tagliatelle with caviar, and my first glass of red since Ireland.

Then it was on to the Sky Garden Theatre tent to see Ian Rankin interview Linwood Barclay. Dad's recently started reading Barclay and very much enjoying him. I was just rather stoked to get the chance to thank Ian Rankin personally for introducing the word mondegreen into my vocabulary. Apparently there's an entire book of mondegreens!

It was kind of nice too because, when I was selecting a book for him to sign, I took the first one I pulled off the shelf, which happened to be the book he was writing whilst they were filming the documentary about him writing a book in which he mentioned the word mondegreen. Kookie.

Anyway, Barclay was very entertaining. GSOH. Certainly raised a few laughs.

Their top tip for being a writer: read lots, write lots. 

Ian Rankin

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