Saturday, 12 October 2013

CheltLitFest 2013: Jack & Michael Whitehall

After the brain bender of party politics, it was time to return to celeb spotting.

Incidentally, I had a tweet favourited by comedian Paul Foot, which I think was probably the least he could do after the distress caused:

Your face, Cheltenham Town Hall ladies loos, back of door, eye-height, looking displeased. #slightlydisturbing #holdingitin

Anyway, moving on to hashtag YOLO (yes, I admit it, I'm a Bad Education fan), spent an awesome afternoon watching Jack Whitehall and his dad Michael delivering an extremely funny double act to promote their book Him & Me.

There's an interview with them in The Telegraph.

They were kept in line by Nick Hewer (of The Apprentice and Countdown), and we were luckily on an aisle seat, so managed to make it to the front of the signing queue afterwards, avoiding the stampede.

Fun way to end the day.

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