Thursday 16 May 2013

Signs of Change

Getting slowly back into the swing of things by editing my Master's thesis into something vaguely resembling a contribution to the global knowledge base on Deaf rights in the legal system.

A Master's thesis study from 2007, exploring the first-hand experiences of Deaf people as victims of crime in the British legal system and comparing them with those of hearing participants. The study also contrasts the experiences of Deaf people today with that of a Deaf man dealing with the legal system in the 1970s, exploring what has changed in terms of legislation, procedure and interpreting standards. 

Deaf People's Experiences of the British Legal System is currently only available on Kindle, but I'm hoping to branch out into Smashwords shortly. Seemed a shame that all those brave participants who agreed to take part should be relegated to the dusty back shelves of a university library. Especially as there wasn't all that much written on the subject at that time. Hope it proves useful to somebody somewhere.

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