Thursday 23 May 2013

Novel Idea: Get Out of the House

Cotswold Trail Riding

One thing that has to be said about writing: it does terrible things to your waistline.

Having returned from Scotland feeling fairly trim for all my walking adventures, I've now spent an entire week sitting in front of my computer, writing.

Lardy-arsism is a terrible disease.

Exercise is also a fantastic way to pick out those knots in your plot. If you hit a writing block, the best thing to do is to head for the door. Forget about it for a while, or meditate upon it whilst putting one foot solidly, and physically, in front of the other. We do our best thinking on our feet - well, and on the toilet, but mostly on our feet.

Different people prefer different methods of exercise. Some like to burn it out at the gym a couple of times a week, some like to take the dog for a daily stroll - for me, it's horses or swimming. Energetic full-throttle, knacker myself out, fall asleep when I get home, no need to do it again for another week type exercise.

Today, I headed to the Cotswold Trail Ride. I can't recommend them enough. A thoroughly pleasant afternoon with panoramic views of the Malvern hills and Severn Valley, bluebell woods, and sun-dappled green woodland. Truly enchanting this time of year. 

Their horses are broad-shouldered, rolling-gait kinda beasts. Lovely temperament, like cantering a rocking horse. I tend to get Lump, so named for the lump on his shoulder. He may seem to plod along but, when the wind picks up and you let out the rein, the boy can fly.

Quick tip for those, like me, who adore horses but happen to have a hideous allergy to them. Vitamin C is the answer! 1,000mg an hour or so before you go. Promise you, it's a miracle cure with none of the drowsy side effects of antihistamines. Provided you throw your gear in the wash, and yourself through the shower, before it wares off, it's like it never even happened.

The other advantage to being an irregular rider is that, after a couple of hours in the saddle, I walk like John Wayne. So, I'm pretty much forced to sit in front of my computer and write for the next few days.

See, win-win situation.

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  1. Haha- love it! And I'm the same on the John Wayne walk now that I never get to ride... but I'd never looked at it as a win-win before. :)