Tuesday 7 May 2013

National Manuscripts Conservation Trust

Discovered this the other day on Funding Scotland:

National Manuscripts Conservation Trust

Managed by
: The National Archives

What's it for?

Conservation of historical and educational manuscripts

Who can apply?

Record offices, libraries, local authorities, education institutions

What is available?

50 per cent of project costs


The Trust provides financial assistance to help conserve manuscripts that are historically or educationally valuable. Grants can be made towards the cost of repair, binding and other preservation measures, including reprography. Applications can be made by record offices, libraries and other similar publicly funded institutions including local authority, university and specialist record repositories.

More info: National Manuscripts Conservation Trust

They also support private collectors, provided: 

  • The material is conditionally exempt from capital taxation or owned by a charitable trust
  • Reasonable access is allowed to members of the public
  • Suitable storage conditions are available
  • There is a firm commitment to continuing good preservation practice
  • Assurances are given for the reimbursement of the grant in the event of subsequent disposal of the material for which it has been made

Thought this information might be of use to some.

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