Monday 20 May 2013

Novel Idea

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Welcome to my mind, ladies and gentlemen.

Those who haven't been here before may find it slightly disturbing. I assure you, the nausea wears off after a few posts. 

Back at the beginning of this year, I made an oath that I would finish another novel in the first half of 2013.


Having just spent the past three months traipsing around Scotland, I think we can safely assume that didn't happen. 

But, I'm back now.

I'm one of those writers where the desire to write comes in waves. Sometimes I'll be ridiculously productive, other times I won't write for months on end, blogging aside. Funnily enough, I never lose the desire to blog. If only I could wave a magic wand and turn my accumulative monthly journal count into fiction, I'd be rivalling War and Peace.

Well, I'm in the mood now. It's novelling time. 

Inspired by a documentary last year, in which Ian Rankin proved to audiences across Great Britian that writing a novel truly is quite a dull process, whilst teaching us all the meaning of the word mondegreen, I thought I'd take you with me on my little journey to complete the next beach/bedtime/bathroom read.

From this post on, any entry starting with the title Novel Idea: and labelled as such, will be a post relating to my current project. Every book needs a working title, so we'll call this one Blood Rose.

In a departure from what I promised in my original oath, I'm actually picking up an historical fiction project, rather than a fantasy one. Unlike the fantasy project, which was knocking on for halfway at forty-five thousand words, this one really is starting from scratch, at just over ten thousand.

Like most authors, I'm more easily distracted by social media than a child with keys. However, I'm hoping to use this to my advantage. I'm banking on the fact that the pressure to deliver informative updates on how my novel is progressing, and how terribly traumatic (in a sort of painfully middle-class way) the life of an author is, will keep me plugging away with focus and determination.

You, dear connoisseur of contemporary literature, are my reason for writing.

Now you'd better bloody read it.

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