Saturday 25 May 2013

Hay Festival

Went to Hay Literature Festival today for the first time. Generally a regular visitor to Cheltenham, but hadn't been to Hay before. It was certainly very busy. 

Couldn't quite decide how big it was in comparison. Cheltenham is spread over two gardens in the centre of town, so it feels a little more spacious. Though there are more art and craft shops at Hay, as well as many of the houses in the village opening up to sell refreshments and souvenirs. Gives it more of a community feel.

We didn't book to see anything, just wanted to go and soak up the atmosphere. It's perhaps the most famous literature festival in the UK, and regularly attracts big name authors, actors, and world politicians. Hay itself has something like the most number of book shops per capita of any town in Britain, perhaps the world? We wandered into one incredible second-hand book cellar that seemed to go on for miles.

Stopped for tea at a tent selling the best homemade Welsh cakes ever. They also deliver via post, the perfect treat to nibble whilst you're writing. Get your order in: / 07827778344

On the way back to the car, I picked up the above retro typewriter. A Remington Rand DeLuxe Model 5, I believe. I've read a little about them on ozTypewriter. Model #EBT120433 - any help dating it would be much appreciated. Circa 1952/3?

Not sure why they called it 'portable'. Weighs a ton. Guess you can call anything 'portable' if it comes with a case? Love it, though. The whole room smells of ink ribbon.

It's been a glorious, sunny day. The drive to and from Hay was like a trip through Middle Earth. Such beautiful, rolling green countryside. We stopped off at Arthur's Stone on the way back.

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