Thursday 30 May 2013

Novel Idea: 35%

End of week two, and I still had time to pop out to meet a celebrity horse.

So, have I managed to keep up with my 1k a day


Although I haven't managed to match last week's daily average of 1,056, with a drop of 1.6% to 1,039. Still, not bad though.

Now 35% of the way through the novel, and looking good. Very happy with it so far. I've deliberately not been editing as I go, though I have trimmed a word here and there. Over the past two weeks, I've added a total of 14,646 words.

Won't get blasé about it yet. Let's see how things look this time next week.


  1. THis is fabulous- great work! And it makes me curious- do you outline beforehand, or start with a scene, or what? I've tried starting with nothing and then starting with a very loose trajectory, but interested in how you're booking it!

  2. Thanks for providing the next topic for a blog post, Margaret :)

    I shall answer that one tomorrow.

    Which did you find worked best for you?

  3. Answer, three years later: they both worked out well in their own times. What has NOT worked out well is this latest one, since I'm beset by doubts about when it should start...! And have basically just outlined a complete novel between the time one book ends and my first draft starts--GAH.