Friday 9 October 2015

Tea & Jeopardy

I meant to get so much done today, and then I put the kettle on.

Tea & Jeopardy is a podcast by Emma Newman, Hugo-nominated author and vocal talent behind Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran audiobook.

Tea, conversation and mild peril! 
Join Emma Newman in her secret tea lair as she chats with authors, illustrators and all manner of interesting people. Served by the butler Latimer and serenaded by magical singing chickens, Emma explores the world of geek passions and creativity alongside the serious business of tea and cake.

It's utterly fabulous, and hideously addictive.

To start from the beginning, scroll to the bottom of the main page and select the last page in the sequence, which is currently #2.

Then scroll to the bottom of that to find the trailer and the first few shows. 

Be sure to have a nice cup of tea (white, no sugar) and a slice of Battenberg ready.

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