Friday 2 October 2015

Kindle Screen Replacements

I'm in mourning for Verdigris, my first ever Kindle. He met with an accident in a hotel room. He may have inadvertently been trapped between the sheets and kneed in the face.

Verdigris was getting on a bit, and prone to the occasional black band of doom (the Kindle version of the Blue Screen of Death). But I was fond of him - and halfway through Jon Ronson's So You've Been Publicly Shamed.

After saying farewell to Remittance Girl the other day, I popped into John Lewis's on Oxford Street and picked up a new Paperweight. I haven't named her yet. I tend to name laptops after goddesses, hard drives after houses or places in fiction (i.e. Pemberley) and - well - I named my first Kindle after the word I'd most recently learned. Which would make this one Inveigle... not sure about that. Perhaps I'll choose a character instead.

I like the Paperweight. It comes with a built in dictionary, which I know I'll put to good use. Nothing worse than reading at night and coming across a word you don't know. Sort of stuff that stops me from sleeping.

It's also got back-lighting and touch screen technology. Though, being honest, I do sort of miss the buttons.

I looked up screen replacements for Verdy, but they cost almost as much as buying a new Kindle! Then Dad told me he'd bought a screen online and replaced it himself.

Verdy was old anyway, so if he doesn't survive the operation, so be it. But it would be great if we can fix him. Always useful to have a spare - Kindles aren't easy to come by in Rwanda - and he's sort of a relic now, with all that outdated buttonage.

Dad says the best place to purchase a replacement screen is here. Or here for the 6" e-ink screen.

He reckons the best walkthrough is the video below. He also reckons this is a helpful alternative. He said the most useful bit of info was to do it upside down on a bed of cotton wool, as if the screen bends at all, it's very likely to break. So - good luck repairing your Kindle. I'll let you know how we get on. DIY is worth a shot as it saves a lot of money.

[UPDATE: Verdigris lives!]

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