Thursday, 15 October 2015

Can You Own an eBook?

Well now, I find this to be a very interesting article on Just Publishing:

Well, from the recent story about a Kindle owner having her Kindle wiped clean by Amazon, and her account closed, it would seem the answer is very little...  
...when you buy an ebook from Amazon, you don’t really buy it. You borrow it. I just did a check to make sure, and yes, when you select an ebook from the Amazon Kindle Store it says, ‘Buy Now With 1-Click’. Well that can’t be true. Anything that can be taken back without warning is not really bought, is it?

Something worth querying the Institute of Customer Services with. Does rather whiff of false advertising. Could you imagine if you bought a paperback, then one morning the bookshop owner you bought it off breaks down your door and repossesses it?

Hideously disturbing thought.

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