Saturday 26 September 2015

Tea for Two

As old friends pass, new arrive.

Had a scrumptious day yesterday with fellow author Remittance Girl. She's usually based in Vietnam, but was in London visiting family. We met up for afternoon tea at the Stafford in St.  James's.

It was a double first for me.

The first first was meeting RG, whose work I have admired ever since stumbling upon a short story in Red Phone Box last March. She's an erotica writer. You can find her online, on Twitter, and listen to her talk at Eroticon last month. We've been corresponding online for a while - I love her style, and she loved Rosy Hours, so lots to talk about.

My second first was afternoon tea. I'd never done it before, and certainly not somewhere so posh. I felt a little intimidated, but RG put me at ease. It was lovely to talk to another ex-pat who understands how difficult it can be to adjust - especially to London. 

After that sumptuous spread and a lake of Earl Grey and English Breakfast, we took a leisurely stroll through Mayfair and sat in a park until it got dark and they threw us out. Wandered to the tube along Oxford Street. An afternoon over far too soon. 

Thrilled to have finally met her, and sure we shall meet again at some point, somewhere on the globe. 

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