Tuesday 29 September 2015

Criminal Intent

Aw, shucks. Absolutely chuffed to be the very first guest blogger on crime writer Adrian Magson's site.

Was a real honour to be asked. 

It was tough thinking what to write about, so I decided to dive in with an exploration of why some writers like the dark side.

“Where does all the darkness come from?”
“It’s funny your books are so dark, you’re actually a really happy person.”
...When posed by loved ones, these are questions that get under your skin. We’ve all got demons to draw on for inspiration, but what causes some writers to go looking for that inspiration in the first place? Why don’t we all just write Mills & Boon or happy-ever-afters? - full article

Hope you enjoy it. If so, please leave a comment on Adrian's blog. You can also read his guest post on Deckle-Edged about writing from a female perspective, and follow him on Twitter.

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