Saturday 19 September 2015


My dad and Marilyn often pop over to France to see their friends Dave and Sue. This year, they returned with a borrowed book: Mimi by Irish author John Newman.

Couldn't resist picking it up. I think they know the author, as it was signed. 

Life without Mum is just not the same. 
Everyone's given up. Dad is burning pizzas and he doesn't smile anymore. Sally's new look is black and so are her moods. Conor's all-night drumming is keeping the neighbours awake. And Sparkler hasn't been walked for months. 
But Mimi isn't about to give up on anything. Or anyone. This is her story.

What a brilliant read. It's at the young end of Young Adult, but deals with some really complex stuff. A family of three kids, Mimi, Sally and Conor, trying to survive with the help of extended family after their mother is killed in a traffic accident and their dad loses the will to live.

On top of all that, Mimi appears to have been adopted, and gets no end of racial abuse from the school bully.

Must admit to getting a bit tearful towards the end. A quick read, but one that leaves a lasting impression. 

Absolutely worth it.

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