Sunday 27 September 2015


Just spent an extremely pleasant afternoon in Hackney at a house party with the lovely Will Davis. Will and I met several years back at a book festival in Northampton, where we were both speaking. He's written a lot of good stuff, but my personal favourite is The Trapeze Artist. Deliciously presented - and rather lovely because he is a professional aerialist. 

We've kept in touch since the festival, and it's thanks to drinking with him in Public House that I ended up winning a £100 bar tab, which we promptly spent on cocktails. Fond, fuzzy, memories.

It was such a pleasure to meet up. His friend and aerial partner, Sophie, was throwing a gathering at her house, serving the most amazing plantain lasagna with pomegranate salad. It was something quite special. 

Drank plenty of prosecco and got swept away by the stories of life in London's arts community - tales of circus performers, tassels, sequins, society weddings, eking a living, getting by, walking the boards, writing books, doing what you love. 

It was refreshing. Haven't been a part of something like that for a long time. London is a vibrant city, though it bothers me that you always have to look up to see the sky.

Anyway, a very pleasant few hours spent. 

Had a bit of a bus fiasco on the way home and ended up making friends with the guy I was sitting next to. Had a good chat about politics, life, and the immediate lack of buses whilst we stood on a street corner for half an hour. I love social media. We both knew we'd made a friend, and once upon a time it would have been two strangers passing, our friendship ended with our bus journey. But, thanks to Facebook and the like, you're never left wondering 'what happened to that person I once met...' 

Probably won't see Will again for another year, but we'll keep in contact, reading each other's work.

Oh - and the picture at the top. Saw it painted on the wall beside Crofton Park station, near where I'm staying. All a little bit Children of Lir, don'tcha think?

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