Tuesday 8 September 2015

Natural Reader

Today, I finally finished 308 pages of editing. 


Even when you love a story - ugh.

Editing is hard bloody work, but I've found a way to make the proofing easier, at least. 

I've posted before about Word's Speak Function.

(click to enlarge)

Once you've enabled it, it can cope with blocks of text up to about 700 words at a time. I find this is perfect, and rarely cover more than about 300 words at a time, as there's invariably a typo, a missing letter or a mistake that I need to correct, and I don't want the words to run away with me whilst I'm doing that.

However, once you get to the end and you want to listen to the whole document back, or if you've found a long article during your research and your eyes are getting tired, give Natural Reader a go. Same principle, only it copes with larger documents and PDFs. You can even choose the gender and accent of your reader.

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It's ridiculously helpful. The voice is still quite synthesised, but following the text whilst it's read aloud really helps you catch the slip-ups. Things like thought and though, of and or that your eyes skip over and often miss, get picked up by your ears. 

Worth giving it a whirl.

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