Sunday, 31 March 2013

Writing Retreat

In 2011, a very lovely lady, Sophie, offered me her house on the German-Polish border. I took myself off on a writing retreat for almost two months. Whilst there, I completed Georg[i]e and rewrote swathes of Lucid. I also painted Easter eggs, followed a busker to Poland, visited Auschwitz and had an encounter with Orange Gnomes.

Here's the highlights:

  1. Retreating, Part I
  2. Retreating, Part II
  3. Horsing Around
  4. Singing in the Rain
  5. Rübezahl
  6. Orange Gnomes
  7. Auschwitz, Part I
  8. Auschwitz, Part II
  9. Kraków
  10. Painted Eggs
  11. Pücklerpark
  12. Homeward Bound
  13. Dresden

Lisa is now working in Italy, and having the time of her life. I get the occasional e-mail. Philip is still involved in organising Buskerbus, one of Europe's largest street entertainment festivals.

Happy Ostara, eggs and all!

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