Saturday 23 March 2013

Hauntingly James Herbert

James Herbert

Tributes have been paid to British horror writer James Herbert, who died on Wednesday aged 69.

The author of The Rats and The Fog, wrote 23 books which sold more than 54 million copies worldwide. 

Very sad to hear. There are a handful of books that punctuate your life, and Haunted was certainly one for me. I distinctly remember it was this cover:

I loved every minute of it. When it was released as a film (starring Aidan Quinn and the alluring Kate Beckinsale), I was about fourteen or fifteen. From what I recall, it was pretty much straight to video. I scoured the shelves of Blockbuster for weeks. When it finally arrived, a little yelp went up and I forced my dad to rent it. Horrors and thrillers have always been a shared passion.

As much as I love Quinn and Beckinsale, I had to admit, the book was better. I read and reread parts, and lent it out enough times that the cover was practically falling off last time I saw it. Though I have no idea where it now is.

More recently, I watched The Secrets of Crickley Hall, which starred Arya Stark, and Douglas Henshall at his most terrifying. That was also a Herbert adaptation.

So, yes. Great shame. A very talented author who provided a lot of thrills.

Also, today, the obituary of Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, penman of Things Fall Apart. I borrowed that from a friend ten years ago and haven't given it back yet. Perhaps now is the time.

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