Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rape On

The perfect gift for Mother's Day: a T-shirt in any of the given variations Keep Calm and Rape On/Me/Them/Us/It.

It occurs to me that you are now clearly too big to even vet the products you sell on behalf of others but still in your name. That you are far too keen just to take money from wherever you can take it and give far too little back to society.

What's that you say, Amazon? "Profit, profit, profit, profit, profit?"

Yes, but surely you need to draw the line somewhere?

As many of us tend to buy and sell our books via Amazon's global online empire, you might like to let them know what you think of their latest product venture. You can tweet them @AmazonUK or join the hashtags #amazonrapetee  and #rapeTshirt  They're also on Facebook

[Update: Amazon, unsurprisingly, appear to have pulled this range. Oh well, Mum, back to traditional flowers and a box of chocolates it is then.

[Update: They replaced that range with Keep Calm and Hit Her.]

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  1. Cory Doctorow, on has picked up on this same item. His correspondent observes that this kind of item tends to be spawned using a string-generator with a simple algorithm that works through a dictionary list of verbs. If something hits popular appeal, it will go viral and someone will actually fabricate the article - otherwise they sink into obscurity. This one hit the WTF-No! button. Here's hoping they exercise a little more caution in future.