Thursday, 17 January 2013

Why Date A Writer?

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Oh, this made me chuckle. Originally written by Kathryn Vercillo and re-tweeted by @libboo via Rebecca Rosenblum's blog

This neat little guide explains the advantages (in inverted commas) of choosing to date a writer. Just in case you needed any less incentive! 

My personal favourites include: 

1. Writers will romance you with words. We probably won’t. We write for ourselves or for money and by the time we’re done we’re sick of it...

4. Writers will remind you that money doesn’t matter so much. Yes. We will do this by borrowing money from you. Constantly.

6. Writers will offer you an interesting perspective on things. Yes. Constantly. While you’re trying to watch TV or take a shower. You will have to listen to observations all day long, in addition to being asked to read the observations we wrote about when you were at work and unavailable for bothering...

9. Writers can think through their feelings. So don’t start an argument unless you’re ready for a very, very lengthy explication of our position, our feelings about your position, and what scenes from our recent fiction the whole thing is reminding us of.

13. Writers will teach you cool new words. This is possibly true! We may also expect you to remember them, correct your grammar, and look pained after reading mundane notes you’ve left for us.
15. Writers can find 1000 ways to tell you why they like you. By the 108th you’ll be pretty sure we’re just making them up for fun.

18. Writers are surrounded by interesting people. Every last one of whom is imaginary. 

Check out the full list, there are some real gems in there.

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