Friday 11 January 2013


Saw this in the news the other day: Witness statement could help hunt for Lord Lucan

For those who don't know, Lord Lucan was a British aristocrat who did the most famous disappearing act of all time after his children's nanny was found murdered.

The reason I find it interesting is because the witness is his sister, Lady Sarah, who sadly died a few years ago, and who lived in the village I am now writing from. She was the wife of the Reverend Cannon Gibbs.

Shortly after I moved here, nine tender years of age, I apparently stood up and gave a presentation in assembly on 'why God wouldn't love someone who was cruel to animals' - right in front of Cannon Gibbs, head of our local fox hunting corps.

Healthy disrespect for the establishment, even then.

Anyway, the story brought to mind an old short I drafted some years back, about a woman who goes missing. You can read it on my website: Elevation.

Beneath the smiles and the "there theres" he knew what they were thinking. He knew Andrea was thinking it too. The most common cause of disappearing girlfriends are their boyfriends.

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