Thursday 10 January 2013

Plate Cake

As a last nod to the festive season, just wanted to share my Aunty Jean's nommy rhubarb pie. Also known as a Plate Cake, because you make it on a plate.

When asked, she explained:

When you have made the pastry, roll half onto the plate then put your fruit on: apple, rhubarb, plum or blackcurrant. Then the sugar. Roll out the top, pinch sides to seal, and use egg or milk to glaze the top. Cook in oven 180c for 45mins.

It's just shortcrust pastry, which is dead easy to make. Though you may need to experiment with your sugar-to-fruit ratio. Things like apple will need less sugar than tart rhubarb.

It's one of those things I always associate with my family oop north. Nanna used to wheel out the cake trolley with a pot of tea each evening, so it's fairly traditional for us.

Just wish I could find her bramble jelly recipe...

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