Friday, 18 January 2013

Snowed In

Hmm. This was the view from my bedroom window today.

We've had rather a lot of heavy snow. 

I always find snow inspiring. That something so beautiful can be so destructive. The two great polarities that led to A Song of Ice and Fire?

We have our own little juxtaposition going on here at the moment, with the cold snow outside, and a warm sauna inside. Just what you need in this weather.

I must admit that the writing retreat is not going as well as anticipated. After a few days of furrow-browed concentration, I went off horse riding instead. Riding by day, blogging by night. My word count has hardly budged. I have a week to make up for that now that the weather is too cold to go out as much.

Thoughts on a Frozen Window...

Icicle my tooth, as frost shall be my touch
The coldest heart you've ever known
Buried 'neath the frozen crush

Reflections in great sheets of ice
Suffocate the fish below
As hail and hoar and snow
Hide the things we used to know

I know you, and you know me
The crying thrush, the barren tree

Nothing grows, and nothing lives
Nowt to love and nowt to give
I'll call the heavens down to earth
'til all the world is white as dust

Many of my poems seem to centre around Winter.

Like The Crone of Winter, they always tend to turn a little bitter.

I promise, the moment the thaw comes and the first spring flowers appear, I'll post the most sickeningly sweet poem I ever wrote - then you'll be grateful for the frost.

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