Thursday 20 April 2017

Lynnea Glasser

My publisher, Ghostwoods Books, has been letting their authors take over their Twitter feed recently. I spent a couple of hours talking about my own work last week, and this week I was in time to catch a fascinating lady, Lynnea Glasser.

I've spoken in the past of my love of text-based roleplay. How books like Fighting Fantasy and the world of MUDs helped shape me as a writer. 

Well, as well as contributing The Star that is Not a Star to Ghostwoods's Cthulhu Lies Dreaming anthology, Glasser is also an avid text-game author. You can find her work over on her website Made Real Stories. She is best known for the award-winning Coloratura:

Coloratura was a fun way for me to combine three of my favorite passions: science, music, and horror into something truly novel and exciting. It also was a great exercise in game design and planning. It won first place in the 2013 Interactive Fiction Competition and the "Best Game" award in the 2013 XYZZY awards, along with several other rewards. - from blog

You can play and download all of her games via her website. It's so wonderful to see text-based gaming alive and well in this age of gratuitous graphics.

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