Saturday 15 April 2017

Piano Love

Sorry guys, you're not getting anything about writing out of me for a couple of months. Not unless you support the crowdfunder. I promise, building pianos won't mean no more writing - it'll just mean writing and music.

Here's an old piano I found in a field several summers back. Left over from a festival.

I was reminded of this after seeing a very cool article on public pianos around the world. I think we need one in Kigali.

I put my newly acquired piano mending skills to use yesterday. A few weeks back I got a call from the Korean church in Kinyinya, not far from where I live. Someone had accidentally managed (still not sure how) to cut five of the bass strings. I helped identify what they needed and the new strings arrived yesterday. Everything's back in working order and sounding great.

A couple of other fun piano-related things I found online: two screen pianos, one operated by mouse, the other by keyboard. Simple, but cute.

Then there's this wonderful online piano museum. The website is made out like an actual place you can walk around. Lots of pianos from throughout history to ogle at.

Finally, back to the crowdfunder. Any help spreading the word, and of course, any donations, hugely appreciated.

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