Sunday 14 February 2016

Happy Birthday Rosy Hours

Can't believe it was one whole year ago that Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran hit the shelves, debuting at #6 on Amazon's Historical Fantasy best sellers list.

Show a little love this Valentine's Day and stop by Ghostwoods's revamped website, where you can find sales links for the paperback, ebook and audiobook all in one place.

A transgressive Arabian Nights tale from a parallel universe which nudges our own reality. There's clearly been an obsessive amount of historical research, but it's been whipped up with magic and a dark, deep sensuality into an utterly compulsive, strange and disturbing confection.

If Machiavelli were to write a novel based in Persia in the nineteenth century, this would be it. I was awestruck and could not stop turning the pages. It is difficult to say much without giving away the surprises in store - and there are many. The author has done her research well, and there are many significant details that uplift, thrill, and give the story that extra dimension of reality. And when you discover what "those rosy hours" actually are - it will take your breath away!

A beautifully written and completely captivating read. Richly evocative and darkly mesmerising, I couldn't put down. Woolley's best literary offering yet.

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