Sunday 28 February 2016

Chris Cobb's Adobe Rainbow

There's a tweet that caught my eye recently. You've probably seen it? It's about a bookshop in San Francisco where all the books are ordered by colour. It looks absolutely incredible.

I decided to look it up.

There's a really nice write-up about it on Superhero Journal, along with more pictures.

Although the address is slightly different, it appears to be Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative (click the red book top left to enter the main site).

Unfortunately, colour coordinated book shopping isn't a permanent feature, it was a project by local artist Chris Cobb back in 2004-05 involving over 20,000 books. The title of the project was: There Is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World.

There's a really nice video of it all being put together and an interview with Chris Cobb over on KQED.

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