Thursday 30 July 2015

Wordy Wednesday, News, Views...

That's weird. I was sure I'd posted about my WordyWednesday interview before. Guess not. I shall post about it now, because it's one of the interviews I most enjoyed doing - some refreshingly original questions posed by the eminently eminent @tattooed_mummyWordy Wednesday with Marion Grace Woolley

I read a recent article saying one in ten writers make a full-time living from it. Considering how many writers there are on social media, I actually thought that was pretty good odds.

Also, just a note that my July newsletter is now available. Talking refugee camps (again), and life after The Children of Lir.

Finally, a little advanced notice: I am scheduled to give a talk at Kendal Library in Cumbria at 3PM on Thursday November 12th 2015. I'll be reading from, and talking about, Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran.

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