Sunday 26 July 2015


Sometimes weird stuff happens when I'm writing or researching. Just strange little occurrences, like snuggling down to read on Christmas Eve to discover the first line is Christmas Eve... 

Been depressingly stuck in a plot loop this week. Can't write until I know how to fix it. Had the flipchart paper out and everything. In desperation, I decided to do a bit of research, see if it threw up anything useful I might be able to use. Two minutes turned into twenty. I read all about the development of writing, paper, literature and the like. Quite fascinating stuff. Led me to Gilgamesh, which I read yesterday morning (free online).

I was researching about it until I became tired and decided to head to bed with the book I'm currently reading.

Power up the Kindle. Page one...

(click to enlarge)
Line 3, Word 10 - Seriously?

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