Wednesday 7 January 2015

The Shark in the Dark

Had a lovely day yesterday. Delivered a belated Christmas gift to my friend's daughter. I'd chosen two very different stories to see which one she liked best.

One was a very sweet story about a girl who wants a doll for Christmas, so she sets off for the North Pole with her dog Beans, to let Santa know. On the way they meet a polar bear, and Zoe decides she'd rather let her Christmas present be a surprise instead.

The second book was much darker, about a hungry shark who terrorises all the little fishes until they band together to frighten him off. It has a lovely shiny cover.

Can you guess which she liked best?

I'm proud to say that The Shark in the Dark has become a firm favourite. A three-year-old with discerning taste in literature. Zoe's quest for a blonde-haired Kylie Kurlz doll, although nicely illustrated and having a pull-out section which made it 'a magic book!', was met with lukewarm reception compared to the terrors of the deep. Now I know what to go with in the future.

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