Thursday 29 January 2015

Audaciously Audio

My publisher sent me this cute picture of a shelf full of ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies). Sweet gesture. Looks real nice.

Just finished listening to the epilogue of the draft audio. I mentioned a while back that Rosy Hours is being turned into an audiobook by the talented Emma Newman. I've never been an audiobook before and it's been an incredible experience.

She's been reading it in sections and Salomé at Ghostwoods and myself have been listening through, reading the text at the same time to check for consistency. It's been quite fascinating, listening to my characters speak through somebody else's voice. Usually they just live in my head.

Couldn't have conceived of this when I first signed the contract. I'm honestly blown away by the commitment and enthusiasm of the team. It's so rewarding for anybody to have their work opened up for collaboration. It brings so much more to something than you could achieve by yourself.

Now the proofing's over, any glitches get ironed out, including a couple in print which reading aloud brought to our attention. We've already had back half the finalised chapters. It's quite a different experience listening to the story without scanning the text at the same time. Feels a bit real all of a sudden.

Emma's done an excellent job - everybody has. 

Very excited to see it go on sale.

Only two weeks to go!

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