Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Such Very Nice Things

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The purpose of writing is to make your mother and father
drop dead with shame - JP Donleavy

Managed 5k yesterday to break the 50,000 threshold. Writing prolifically at the moment, struggling with the idea of going back to work. Rather everybody stayed on holiday and my in-box remained empty.

Three weeks ago I'd just passed the 25k mark and said that:

Given the pace I'm working at, I think I'd be lucky to hit 50k before Rosy Hours is released in February. 

Well, I haven't just hit it, I'm about to surpass it.  

Fairly shocked.

The pre-release promotion for Rosy Hours is also in full swing ahead of February 14th. About to embark on a blog tour from 2nd February. This means my books gets reviewed and featured by different bloggers. Auspiciously, thirteen have signed up to the tour (there are thirteen chapters in Rosy Hours and it's a number of symbolic significance within the story). 

On top of that, I've recently read the back blurbs and was left blushing. I knew about Will Davis' comment but hadn't seen the rest. Here's what other authors are saying about Rosy Hours:

“A sumptuous dark treat of a novel, will keep you shocked and enthralled until the very last page.” – Will Davis, author of The Trapeze Artist 

“Rising from the cracks and hints in Gaston Leroux’s classic, Those Rosy Hours delivers a striking and glorious original historical fantasy that sings across time from the heart of a lost empire.” – David Southwell, author of The Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland 

“…evocative and gripping. I missed several tube stops thanks to my immersion in [Those Rosy Hours]…” – Kate Harrad, author of All Lies and Jest 

“Disquieting and enchanting.” – Peter Dawes, USA Today best-selling author of Pandora

Here's hoping the first flush of reviews are as kind. I must admit to being a bit nervous. Warming up my fingers to do some guest blogging, trying to get the word out. Having another novel to work on really helps to control the nerves as I can immerse myself in that world to escape.

Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran is currently on pre-order at Amazon, ebook and audiobook to follow shortly.

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