Thursday 9 January 2014

Books Bend Your Brain

You sometimes hear it said that a good book changed someone's life, but now there's scientific evidence to back up the theory that stories really can change the way you think about the world.

Great novels can change your life...and your brain: Getting lost in a good book can actually change your brain, with neural paths forming in the same way as if you were actually living the experience, scientists have found

Researchers found biological changes in the brains of those asked to read books, in an experiment designed to prove that novels can have a significant impact on the mind.

They found that a powerful story has the ability to create ‘muscle memory’ in the brain in the same way as if the events had actually happened to the reader.

Neuroscientist Professor Gregory Berns, of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, said: "Stories shape our lives and in some cases help define a person..."

Some stories are so powerful they may even permanently alter the way the reader's brain works, the study concluded. The neurological effects could be seen for days after the volunteers had stopped reading the books.  
There you go, mind control at the tips of your fingers. Not just an author but a brain surgeon, too!

[cue evil laugh...]

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