Wednesday 21 August 2013

Novel Idea: 60k

I have been so ill this past week that I have been fit for little but sleeping and watching movies.

Yesterday, I felt well enough to make up for time lost and managed to type almost 4,000 words, bringing my novel to 60,173. It had been two and a half weeks since I passed 50k, and I hardly wrote 500 words that first week.

I doubt that I will write much more for a while now.

Firstly, other commitments draw me to London and then Dublin. It's hard to write on the road.

Secondly, the plot is thinning and needs careful consideration before I progress.

The unpleasant thing about illness is that it saps us of energy, dulling our senses and emotions. If you cannot feel a story, you cannot write it.

Better to retire from writing until health returns and imagination once again ignites. I am so pleased with the novel so far that anything less than a brilliant ending would prove a dreadful disappointment.

I leave you with the last thing that I wrote.

History is a dark and unforgiving thing. All that history is can never be altered or undone. That is the nature of history. It is set. Immutable. Absolute.

There, on that night, I was granted a glimpse of history unwritten.

I laughed, and looked away.

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