Sunday, 11 August 2013

Adrian Magson
Image from LeftLion Interview

I was at a lovely leaving do last night for a friend who is heading off to teach in Kuwait. Whilst there, I happened to bump into Adrian and Ann Magson, who I met very briefly last year at NGBG's 1st Anniversary Party in Northampton, during booQfest.

Authors L-R: Marion Grace Woolley, Morgen Bailey, Adrian Magson,
Paul Magrs, Jane Lovering and members of the group.

It turned into a really interesting night with our friend Jo, talking about all manner of book-related things. We discussed fairytales and how they've been hijacked by Disney, the difficulties of writing sex scenes and unleashing darkness when parents might be reading, the problems of publishing versus marketing, and even what to do with a nemesis novel.

I came away much enthused.

As well as being a top bloke, Adrian is also the author of several highly successful crime novels. You can find him online, on Twitter and on Amazon.

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