Saturday, 31 July 2021

Musical Interlude: Meat Loaf

I fucking love Meat Loaf.

Every now and then, I write a line and have to stop because it reminds me of a song, and I have to honour that song by going off to listen to it. Today I had two, on two different projects. The first was:

They laughed a lot, and when Masarru looked at him, he was certain he saw something that wasn’t there before. 

Yeah, you've guessed that one. But which version do you prefer - modern or vintage?

I'm probably going to change that line, it's a bit too cliche.

The second project:

Shy had only been ten when their mother disappeared. Sometimes she resented her brother for having half a decade more memories of her... He had a clearer image of who she was and how much she had loved them. Whereas there were a lot more things Shy felt unsure about. A lot of things that felt hazy. A lot of dust on the rear-view mirror. 

So, of course, I had to take a Meat Loaf moment.

My go-to cooking song is the one below. Food just cooks better to it. And I never get sick of Ellen Foley. I mean, you'd offer your throat, right? 

(On a related note, I just searched Netflix for 'Rocky Horror' and it suggested 'Glee'! No, Netflix. No. Bad Netflix.)

I really need to do more musical interludes, it's been too long.

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