Saturday 3 April 2021

Andy Mwag


This is the latest video by my lovely friend Andy Mwag. He's a really talented musician, and used to play each week here in Kigali. Seriously, the best live music in the city, often with guest appearances from amazing DRC and Burundian musicians. Me and my friend Harris had some brilliant nights out with the Viva Beats crew. 


Sadly, when COVID hit, it completely wiped out the live music scene in Kigali. As a gigging musician, Andy couldn't make enough to support his wife and two young kids, so they had to move back to their home country of Burundi, which required special permission from their embassy as all the borders were closed. It was a really sad day to see them go, and my friend Emmy drove them to the checkpoint.

At the Border between Rwanda and Burundi

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