Wednesday 23 December 2015

The Northern Antiquarian

Happy Winter Solstice.

Had some lovely news today. Since 2008, one of my oldest friends, Paul, has been running a datatbase of standing stones and ancient landscapes on his site The Northern Antiquarian (TNA for short - Facebook/Twitter). It's one of the largest databases in the UK, and has won praise from notable persons in the field. 

Whenever I go up to see Paul, we're up to our knees in bogs and heather, off tramping across marshes and moorland in search of forgotten stones. 

Over the past couple of years we've been discussing the idea of developing TNA into something a little more formal, so that we can continue to improve the website as a free resource, add mapping systems and apps, set up a few open digs to get communities interested in their local heritage, properly research and document unrecorded sites. 

We finally assembled a board of trustees earlier this year, and TNA received official incorporated status today - which is deliciously auspicious. 

Next stop - the Charity Commission. 

I spend much of my life helping other organisations through the paperwork of registration, so it's nice to be offering my time to an organisation I have a strong personal attachment to. I'm very excited to see how things progress over the coming years, and hope that this will be the start of something I will be involved with, in some capacity, into old age. 

A posse ad esse.

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