Friday, 25 December 2015

Red Rosa

Amazing Christmas present! 

My fabulous Aunty Heron & Uncle Clive bought me a graphic novel: Red Rosa by Kate Evans, the story of socialist activist Rosa Luxemburg. It is utterly, utterly brilliant. Should be compulsory reading in all schools.

I remember having a conversation over tea with Remittance Girl earlier this year. She was enlightening me as to why Americans seem to consider socialism a dirty word, in a way it is not in Europe. Hopefully a book like this could help change minds. 

Graphic novels bring history to life in a way textbooks just can't. This is an excellent introduction to socialism and the limits of Marxist theory. Brings home that we are living the prediction as it unfolds. A fascinating woman, a fascinating life - a life given in pursuit of what she believed. She doesn't appear to have been wrong.

A couple of my favourite quotes, perhaps more personal than political:

With every fly that one carelessly swats and crushes, the world comes to an end. In the refracting eye of the little fly it is the same as if the end of the world had destroyed all life. 
I cleave to the idea that a woman's character doesn't show itself when love begins but when it ends.

It came with a timeline bookmark of the miners' strikes of the 80s and a postcard that read:

I've learned so much from my mistakes... I'm thinking of making some more.

Ahem, yes. I'm sure 2016 will be full of happy mistakes.

Do go and pick up a copy of this. It is truly brilliant. I read the whole thing in a few hours and I'm ready for revolution! I shall leave you with my favourite Rosa quote.

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