Friday, 6 February 2015

Sweet Tooth

Image from A Day to Remember

And so the book tour continues, this time with an exclusive guest post I wrote for Beth Fish's blog, titled Sweet Tooth. I talk about the special sweets and treats mentioned in Those Rosy Hours

There is such a sensual link between food and thought. Hot, spicy dishes to rouse our temper, wine to loosen our tongues, and sugar to sweeten our hearts...

I provide some recipes and links to tutorials for anyone who'd like to have a go at recreating the flavours of Persia. Though go easy on the Halva - I can eat myself sick on that stuff.

I've been lucky in that the last couple of blogs haven't been star raters, which makes them more pleasant to appear on. It's nice to have the book featured without getting a thumbs-up or thumbs-down at the end. 

Beth is still to review it, I think. The guest post was an appetiser. But it seemed to go down well with Booksie's Blog:

Woolley has written a dark historical novel that is full of intrigue, cruelty and revenge.  It poses the question about what one would do for love and whether love is possible or whether it will always be haunted by the spectre of betrayal.  This book is written for readers of historical fiction, fantasy and horror. 

Don't think I'll ever get used to people referring to me by my last name. It's like all authors are members of a football team or something, hanging out in the locker room: "Oi, Woolley!"

Part and parcel of the game, I suppose.

Four down, nine to go... nine and a half, possibly ten if Beth's not through with me yet... 

Bit of a breather. Next one's not out until 11th.

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