Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Charm Bracelet

"What are your favourite short lines in the book?" my editor, Salomé, asked. "I'm doing a project."


I can't actually remember exactly what I replied now. Something about pink plumed horses riding into hell, and probably catching a glimpse of the future unwritten and turning away.

"Did you get it yet?" She asked, some weeks later.


"I'm not allowed to tell you."

"Then how do I know if I've got it?"


I posted a while back about the beautiful Phantom-inspired jewelry that Stephanie Piro makes. She's so talented. Also a cartoonist. There's this one bracelet (above) inspired by Rosy Hours of Mazenderan (the original spelling in Leroux's novel). I looked for the price when I first saw it, but it had already been sold.

Turns out, Salomé and my dad conspired. My favourite lines were incorporated into the bracelet and my dad bough it for my birthday. I was completely taken aback. Skyped him the other night and he showed me. 

Didn't want to post it out, as things often go missing in the post here. But I'm looking forward to wearing it, and holding the original cartoon from the book review, when next in the UK. So touched!

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