Saturday 14 February 2015

My Funny Valentine

Happy Birthday Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran, on official release today.

Read yesterday's post for all the pre-release info and links.

First review already in. Savouring the brief moment as a five-starer before the rankings kick in:

I was enticed, bewitched and gripped, and couldn’t put it down. The evil minx who is the narrator of the story had my sympathies against my better nature. It’s not just the artful story telling and eloquent, atmospheric prose, or the fabulous, sensual descriptions steeped in the customs and history of the time, with majic and mystery thrown in. It’s also wholly original, unpredictable and gruesomely satisfying to the end – a wonderful read! One thing is certain – there will be blood!

Just happened to notice that three of my four novels are February releases. With the exception of Angorichina, published in June, the others run:

  • Georg[i]e - 15th Feb 2012
  • Lucid - 22nd Feb 2012
  • Rosy Hours - 14th Feb 2015

Completely unintentional, and February is also my birthday.


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