Tuesday 3 February 2015

My Room

I was at the airport at midnight waving off my couchsurfer. John stayed with me for a week, before heading up north to Gisenyi and circling back for a couple of nights. He was flying off to South Africa to see family before going on to Madagascar. 

He's been travelling the world for the past five years shooting his project My Room: Portrait of a Generation. After winning a big photography prize, and with some sponsorship behind him, he's been photographing the rooms of 18-30 year olds around the world, contrasting poverty, culture and 'cool'. Article all about it here.

Africa is his last continent before he wraps up the project and publishes his collection of photos and stories. 

It was a real pleasure to meet him. I've always taken in couchsurfers when I've had the space, and I've met some lovely people. Always nice when you can help somebody who is undertaking a personal project, knowing you've been a small part of something.

Me On My Way To Work
Taken By John

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