Monday, 15 September 2014

Those Twerps at Twitter

Oh, this is the worst news. 

There is change in the air at Twitter, and it is not going to be good news for author and book promotion. It won’t matter if you are Simon & Schuster or Joe the self-published author, both will stand little chance of being seen when Twitter starts Facebook styled filtering of user’s feeds.

I bloody hate Facebook. Social network it ain't. I run a writing page with over 65,000 likes. Even on a good day, thanks to Facebook's algorithms, we're lucky if 1% of our followers see anything we post. It's a time-stealing, energy-sapping, enthusiasm-draining waste of a day trying to think up memes and text-only posts that might get a further reach without emptying our pockets by paying for a boost.

Total pile of pants. The whole point of Twitter was that it was better than that. More democratic, full of variety, and less greedy. Don't do it Twitter. Though we know, with dollar signs in your eyes, you probably will.

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