Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Babette's Feast

Whilst in Nairobi a few months back, a friend took me through Karen, named after Karen Blixen who wrote Out of Africa. Never having read her work before, I thought I should give myself an education, beginning with her short story Babette's Feast which she wrote under the nom de plume Isak Dinesen.

Babette's Feast is a sublime celebration of eating, drinking and sensual pleasure. In Isak Dinesen's life-affirming short story, two elderly sisters living in a remote, god-fearing Norwegian community take in a mysterious refugee from Paris one night - and are rewarded for their kindness with the most decadent, luxurious feast of a lifetime.

A very interesting read, and a very brief one. I was just getting into it when it ended.

It's the story of two god-fearing women who take in a mysterious French maid. Nicely written, very easy to read, but you can't help thinking it was the introduction to what could have been a fascinating novel. It may well tempt me to start on Out of Africa.

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